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Custom built desktops

This is our specialty.  We can build any desktop, in any size, shape and spec you can think of.  Want a top end computer that's 100% silent?  We can build that.  You want a pocket sized desktop with a Core i7?  We can build that.  Want an overclocking beast with custom liquid cooling and fully programmable case lighting?  We can build that.  Want a computer shaped in the shape of a boat?  We can... well you get the idea.

Don't know what your looking for?  No problem!  We ask you what software you want to run and we'll build a system that can run it effortlessly.  If Windows is not your thing, not to worry, we can do Linux custom builds in any disto flavor. 

Refurbished Laptops and Desktops

Many people ask us "why do you sell refurbished?  Isn't newer better?"  Simple answer, not always.  We only sell business class and premium laptops.  Business class laptops are models sold direct from the manufacturer to large corporations usually on a lease program.  As per the lease agreement, the manufacturer is responsible for all repair costs on those systems.  This gives manufacturers the incentive to produce the highest quality, longest lasting systems they can.  These systems cost many significantly more then a system you'd find in major retail stores and should outlast any system sold retail by many years.  After a few years those companies purge their computers and replace them with new ones, the old systems are recycled or sent to wholesalers. 

This is where we come in...

We are proud to sell the best quality refurbished systems from a variety of different manufacturers.  All our systems are refurbished in house by our expert staff and come with a 90-day parts and labor warranty
(extended warranties are available).

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